SpectraLayers installer at Nuendo 12 Download assistant. One or Pro?


I am little confused about the versions of SpectraLayers. I upgraded Nuendo 12 some time ago and installed it using download assistant with other software. Download assistant gives license to SpectraLayers One, which should be correct and included with Nuendo, but after installation the standalone version says Pro 8 with same version number. Am I missing something here? See the attached pictures.


The installers for all versions of SpectraLayers are the same. Can you take a screenshot of your Steinberg Activation Manager?

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Do you have a SpectraLayers Pro 8 license? If so, that’s normal and expected. Can you take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center? (sorry, I got SL 8 and 9 mixed up)

No. I don’t have separate SpectraLayers Pro 8 license in my eLicenser Control Center.

Chances are that your USB eLicenser has an “All Applications” licence that has yet to run out, which will enable SpectraLayers Pro 8 whilst there is time remaining.