SpectraLayers Live Session August 22, 2020 [3:24:20] unwatchable quality

Possibly the most useful video on the net to help learn SL7 Pro, and it streams in very poor quality here.

It says it’s 720p, but it looks awful. Tried two separate browsers.

No other video has this quality problem, including all the other Steinberg videos.
Cruddy youtube quality.JPG
Others are telling me this isn’t a problem for them.

Pretty pssd that I can’t watch this after shelling out for SL7 Pro.

Any ideas?

Well, all I can say is I watched it on my 43" smart TV and I had no problems to understand the content (even though yes, a little blurry menus etc.). BTW the best tutorial I’ve ever seen!

Yes it’s probably just about doable, but I don’t see any harm in asking Steinberg if they have a proper hi-res version of this excellent tutorial which they could supply us with.

Well SB are living up to their support reputation - haven’t even bothered replying to this.

I remember when there were no online videos, only instruction manuals.

Opening a support ticket would be the only way to be certain your question gets to someone who could actually answer- they can’t read every individual post on the forum.

Anyway, one video out of like hundreds seems like an outlier- and the info is still available as has been pointed out.


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