SpectraLayers losing all layers in Digital Performer

I’ve been having this issue for a while, it seems to be worsening. I am using SL10.0.50 in Digital Performer in ARA mode, and when I close my project and reopen it, all the layers I created to make edits on are gone. The only way I can make the edits I want to make is by exporting the sound files into the SL app, editing them, and returning them to DP - very much not ideal, it would be great to have ARA working.

Previously this only happened at certain places in the timeline of a project, so I could keep some of my ARA edits. But I just reopened such a project and ALL of the edit layers are gone.

Additionally, if I go back to a previously saved version of the project, the edit layers are gone in those as well. In other words, there is no recovery from this.

This is exceptionally frustrating. Any ideas?

I’m on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro, Monterey 12.7.4, Digital Performer 11.31


Thanks for reporting, first time I hear about this issue. I’ll do some checks with Digital Performer and see what happens.

Many thanks. I reported this to MOTU as well, here are the steps I gave them to reproduce:

Select either way of using SpectraLayers in ARA mode, soundbites or tracks.

Double click on soundbite to open SL.

Cut part of the soundbite into a new layer using SL. Make edits in that layer using SpectraLayers.

Save Project.

Close project.

Reopen project. All layers other than the top layer of the soundbite are gone.