SpectraLayers One breaking when copying audio

Im using SpectraLayers on vocals that i need to copy IE, vocals that are within a chorus and appear multiple times through the song.

Spectralayers will only work on one of the copies of the vocals & the others will be muted.

Ive tried copying the audio as a unique copy but that didnt help - unless i did so incorrectly

Whats going on?

I’m not sure I understood the issue. Can you clarify with a step by step or a video ?


  1. record a vocal track,

  2. copy and past the audio file, so you have 2 versions of said recorded material .

  3. apply Spectralayers to one of the copies

  4. Attempt to apply spectralayers to the other copy of the audio file.

I can’t repro the issue here. Same audio clip duplicated, SL applied to first, edited, then applied to second, edited as well.

Would you be able to upload screenshots that shows the issue ?

hi thanks for the reply,

Here’s my issue, applied SL to audio track 7 (1) and then duplicated the track to create (2) + (3), only one clip plays back and the others are muted. also Only One (3) of the audio clips has a layer within spectralayers.

I have tried selecting all clips and applying SL but the result is the same.

I’m assuming now, after looking at your screen shots, the issue is the other clips don’t have a layer. But i thought SL would automatically do that. But i cant even create another layer for them – im new to using SL so maybe im overlooking something :thinking:

edit - i was late taking the second screen shot , but no audio was playing


Are you able to recommend any material that will help me understand how to edit multiple audio clips at once, both unique clips and copies?

It looks like those Audio Events haven’t been converted to Real Copies. This is what things should like if you select 3 (real copy) events and activate SpectraLayers as an Extension:

But using Real Copies shouldn’t be required, for me it always creates separate layers like this when I select a bunch of events and activate SpectraLayers, just like Robin’s example. Maybe you could try using the Add/Remove Event buttons to the top left.

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