[Spectralayers One] Can you still do surgical noise reduction with Pro-included-version?

I have just found out, that Spectralayers noise reduction pencil tool (?) can be very useful to surgically edit noise on my vocal recordings.
Perhaps, spectralayers could be more powerful than Izotope RX plugin that I have!

But my concern is that, I only have version ‘one’ that is included inside Cubase Pro 11, 12.

Does this mean I have limited function?!
I am very new to spectralayers and if I just want to notice ‘noise’ and delete it naturally, that would be good enough for me! One is fully capable of doing that or perhaps no?


SL One is very, very limited compared to Elements or Pro. To find how limited, all you have to do is look at the SL One tool set.

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Thanks. I thought I was missing and needed to learn, but found out, that indeed One was limited after all! thanks!