Spectralayers One have anything not in Spectralayers Pro?

Hi, I purchased both Cubase Pro 11 and Spectralayers Pro. I installed Spectralayers Pro, so I assume I do not have to install Spectralayers One. I’m guessing Spectralayers One which comes with Cubase is a pure subset, and doesn’t have anything different.


Hi I think the installer is the same for all versions it depends on what license you have on your elicenser
if you have cubase 11 then that includes spectral layers one

if you purchase spectral layers elements or spectral layers pro you would get a separate license on your elicenser and whatever version of spectral layers you currently have installed gets “unlocked”

Ah, that’s cool.

thanks @krevvy!

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I did the same i had spectral layers one installed from cubase 11 and got pro in the cyberdeals, i didnt have to reinstall anything, once the “pro” license was activated, spectral layers features just unlocked.

one thing to note though… if you installed the spectral layers installer from the “cubase 11” section… that is 7.0.20

if you go to the spectral layers section of the download manager a newer version is availaible 7.0.21

“Issue resolved
Using the ARA extension for audio clips with no name assigned no longer
renders the application unresponsive.”

Ah cool, so I’m good. I did that and have installed. thanks!

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All good then!
Your up to date!