Spectralayers One manual

Is there a manual for this version of Spectralayers? When I go to the manual from the help menu, it is the full version, so many features are not relevant.

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When I started out with Spectralayers Elements, I had to cull the relevant info from the .pdf manual, i.e. cross out the stuff that was Pro only. I’m guessing you’d have to do with the same thing re One, but I don’t know.

Hello? …

Try this

Its got wrong info like this…

Unmix Stems
• Automatically unmix a layer into its vocals, piano, bass, drums and “other” stems. See Unmixing Layers.

Nope … just Vocals. You can do the whole unmix with a $15app on an iPhone! Pretty sure the process is based on Open Source stuff from MIT.

On the whole SL One is very disappointing especially if you are a Nuendo customer who pays a premium for "post production " features ( ie mainly repair ! ) up front. And updating to a better version is questionable value. You’ll get a lot more done for thew money with Izotope RX 8 Elements Suite.

Just my 2c