Spectralayers One (the free one in Cubase 12 Pro) - good enough for clicks?

Hi - Any free SpectraLayers One users here ?

I’ve been looking at vids about it, but haven’t come across how good the free version is for removing clicks, like from bad comping, etc., that are presumably fairly broad frequency (hmm, bad assumption)?

Is the paid version a lot better?


Here’s the comparison chart. According to it Click Repair starts at Elements - which I believe is a dedicated tool. You could of course just fire up SL One and give it a try

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Let me chime in.
I’ve got the Pro version but I assume the Free version should deal fine with clicks. You might have to manually delete them, which is fine and easy, I guess.

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The free version is extremely limited. I have a version of isotope RX which, admittedly, is far easier since I can load in an instance as a de-click, de-noise plugin, but I still use the free version for removing select noises in recordings. If you’re ok going in and finding the offending frequencies manually (select tool and then audition it using the listen tool), you can manually delete or reduce gain.
I use it for things that my RX elements version doesn’t have included as plugins but I suspect the paid version of spectralayers are infinitely better than the included version.

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I have tried the free one for de-clicking, I can see how it can be done, but I’m very interested in seeing how it’s done automatically … probably less labor intensive.

Might do the trial.

Thank you everyone!

I wanted to add, every time I “draw a box” around some audio on SpectraLayers One (free standing version), I lose the ability to hear audio with the “play tool” (little speaker).

If i then switch to youtube, i can hear sound just fine, as before.


When you make a selection and use the play tool, it will only play what has been selected. If the selection is very quiet, you may believe you’re hearing nothing. This has happened to me many times where I forget to deselect after removing noise and find that I am puzzled as to why k hear nothing, and then I remember to deselect.

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Thanks, @Bison204 !