SpectraLayers One V9?

Is there or will there be a SpectraLayers One V9, now that V9 is out? If so, where/how do I get it? I currently enjoy using SpectraLayers One V8 that came as part of my Cubase Pro V11.

If you install the Spectralayers Pro 9 application, I expect it to open as Spectralayers One 9 if all you have is a Cubase or Nuendo licence. (I just tried with a Nuendo 12 licence activated and my Spectralayers Pro 9 licence deactivated)

Officially, the most recent version of SpectraLayers One is 8.0.20.

I’m a little scared to mess my production PC (which is running Cubase 11 and SpectraLayers One 8), but you’re probably right. Has anybody else tried this and can confirm this works with Cubase 11 (not 12)?

Thinking about it again, Cubase 11 is likely a problem, as I think SpectraLayers One requires a Cubase or Nuendo licence, but I expect eLicenser support has been removed from SpectraLayers 9.

So long as you have a reasonably fast Internet connection, it is fairly quick to install SpectraLayers 9, then uninstall and revert to SpectraLayers 8 if necessary.

Ah, thanks, good point re. the licensing. I’m building a Cubase 12 machine anyway to migrate my studio to (once I’ve confirmed stability and compatibility with all my plugins), so I’ll just try out SpectraLayers 9 on that box.