spectralayers one - where is the eraser/attenuation tool???

Just spent 20 minutes trying to remove an unwanted squeak from acoustic guitar but there is no tool available in Spectralayers one to erase or attenuate. Great selection and display tools but how do you gain reduce or erase something that you have selected??

After making your selection try hitting “delete” - it will attenuate in steps.

In steps of how much? I think I did try that but couldnt hear a difference

Dunno. Just saw the selection gradually fade out, and become inaudible.

Okay thanks. Strange design decision; “Hit delete to gain attenuate selection by an unspecified amount”

Just make a selection → Edit → Cut Special → Cut to New Layer
then you can change the Amplitude in the Layers Panel (make sure to set the Layers Panel to Standard Layout in the Hamburger Menu to see the Volume Slider)

How do you know which part of the image it produces correlated with which sound you are trying to remove