Spectralayers Pro 10 not recognizing playback output to device?

I just installed SpectraLayers Pro 10. First attempt at opening and SL does not show or recognize my device in the preference menu. Routing into a Lynx Aurora(n).

Currently there is NO sound or playback available to the Lynx Aurora(n) LT-TB

Only output menu options showing are Display Port, Internal Speaker or Pro Tools Aggregates. WaveLab 11.2 works fine as well as all other DAW’s.

Mac Pro 2013
OS Monterey

Any fix available?

Hi, does your Lynx Aurora device provides a CoreAudio driver for macOS ? SpectraLayers can only list and see CoreAudio compatible devices.

It does indeed. CoreAudio driver in place. Which makes this odd. The Aurora is recognized by any and all other applications except Spectralayers on my system. WaveLab Pro 11 (Which is a Steinberg product), ProTools, Logic Pro, and multiple other audio editing applications. All have no issue with interfacing with the Aurora.

I have tried uninstall’s, reinstall’s, trash preferences folders, trash applications, etc. No luck as of yet.