Spectralayers Pro 11 keeps losing the unmixed stems

I have to make the extensions permanent as soon as possible, because SPL 11 keeps loosing the stems, and I have to keep unmixing the song. Please fix this.

I had already installed updated patch today, June 1, 2024

What DAW, and what exact version of the DAW, of what platform ?

Latest Nuendo 13.0.41, Intel i9 10900K Windows 10 latest patch.
For example:
after unmixing a song, just change the tempo from 140 to 141- All unmixed layers in Spectralayers Pro 11 disappear. Put tempo back to inital value, and still you will not recover the layers. You have to unmix the song again.
Several other edits make the unmixed layers disappear.

Confirmed. I see the same.

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To Stingray: I’m glad you confirm, because every time you point out a bug in a forum, most people think it’s the computer and not the program (even though sometimes it is)

Nico5 excellent idea, maybe you can do it.

I’ve been getting this too, unfortunately.
It will randomly lose the stems, and the audio event becomes silent until I remove it from SL11.

Nuendo 13.0.41, Intel i7 12700 Windows 11 latest patch.