SPECTRALAYERS PRO 3-Cannot Activate-Invalid Computer ID

Installed on a Mac. Have serial # registered thru MAGIX, but says computer ID invalid when trying to activate. Please help. Thank you.-MARK!

You should probably do this through private channels, directly to Steinberg support.

@avsyracuse and I would also also delete the picture with your ComputerID - since this is a public forum

Thank you for the info!

Well, that was confusing

To reiterate, you’re not going to get official product support through this user forum, since the information you need would be too sensitive to discuss online. You should probably delete your original post for the sake of personal data security.

Also Spectralayers Pro 3, I’ve just discovered, is a Sony product, not a Steinberg product. If anybody has the information you need, it would probably be Magix.