SpectraLayers Pro 7 Trial Uninstall Mac OS


I accidentally got the SpectraLayers Pro 7 Trial after updating my Cubase Pro 11. I never want to try, also never realized I got it until today.
The trial warning shows every time I start and quit Cubase and it is really annoying.
Can somebody show me how to Uninstall and remove this trial License from my Mac? And does it affect Spectralayers One?

Thank you and good day!

I don’t have SL One installed, but there have been related responses in this forum:

And this answer which clarifies questions about “trial vs regular licenses”:

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Can you screenshot that trial warning ?

Today I think it is the final trial warning was shown.
I wonder how and why the all trial license was added to my E-soft License while I didn’t want it? And what will happen when I really want to try them?
I just read a similar topic about this, from another customer. Is this a bug of Steinberg download assistant?
I never think about trying spectralayers pro 7, but if next time I want to try, can I do it after this case?

It’s not a SpectraLayers trial warning; as the dialog says, it’s a Cubase Pro trial warning.

You are mis-understanding what I am complaining about. I never add any trial license to my e-soft license. And during last few days, I received warning for Spectralayers Pro 7 trial License expire date everytime I start or quit Cubase 11. Today I received THIS message instead. I own Cubase Pro 11 and used it for years.
I also figure out a “All access trial license” was added to my e-soft License. Is there anything wrong with Cubase Pro 11 latest update? Cause, the last time I used Steinberg download manager was for Cubase Pro update, and I did just recommended, and only recommended update, which are shown inside Cubase 11 update.
As a Cubase Pro and Absolute owner, I really want to get Spectralayers Pro when I have chance. However, this accident may not let me use spectralayers Pro trial when I need.
And do you feel weird? I still got my dongle plugged in, how can this kind of warning comes?
I use Cubase for about 10 years, and this is the 1st time I met this issue, and this is the only product add a trial license to my account automatically, without any warning.

I hope you or somebody can help, thank you.

And please forgive me, Robin Lobel, if I am posting in the wrong topic, the issue was related to Spectralayers, before today.

Thank you again.

Ok; I’m not sure what happened in your case, but just ping me the day you’ll want to trial SpectraLayers for real :slight_smile:

Thank Robin,

I read some other topic, and realize it is normal when installing Cubase Pro 11 update this time (as Steve said). Now the trial license is gone.

I also see a competition price for RX7 Owner, if I have Izotope Music Production Suite 3, which include RX7 Standard, am I legal to pay Spectralayers Pro that price?

Thank for your suggestion, I will contact you back very soon.

As long as you can provide an RX7 license and proof of purchase for the Music Production Suite, I think you should be eligible to the cross-grade offer.