SpectraLayers Pro 8 crashes

Just purchased SpectraLayers 8 Pro upgrade upon advice (From Now Available post)



Is there any change in System Requirements for Pro 8 from Version 7? There was an issue at the beginning with Pro 7 that some functions didn’t work on Macs that couldn’t process AVX instructions. Robin fixed that. I want to make sure this is still the case and that there are no surprises after purchase. It would be so much easier if Steinberg allowed us to demo.

Two specific questions actually:

  1. Does it, like Cubase 11, require Metal Graphics?
  2. Does it still work without AVX?

Are there any other new changes that could affect it’s compatibility with older systems? (Running Mohave 10.14.6)




If your mac officially support macOS Mojave, you’ll be good in term of compatibility.
It doesn’t require Metal graphics, still the same OpenGL 3.3 requirements.
You should be good without AVX support as well.

Unfortunately, very disappointed to report instant crashes in numerous processes (SpectraLayers Pro 7 is fine for it’s similar processes:

Reverb Reduction
Clip Repair
De Bleed

There isn’t even a crash report. Just Poof, it’s gone.
Something has changed between v7 and 8.
Is there any reason Steinberg won’t provide demos on release dates? I sure hope this can be solved because I did my best to avoid this happening.

Mac Pro 2008. Mohave 10.14.6.

Thanks for reporting. The processes you mention all use the libtorch library, which was indeed updated from v1.6 to v1.8 between SL7 and SL8, but is supposed to handle non-AVX configuration similarly.
Despite the absence of crash report dialog, can you see crash report files when you open SL and go to Help > Support Info > Diagnostics Folder ?

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your response. No, there is nothing there either. First time I have experienced a crash that hasn’t produced any reports at all.

Hi Robin,

Is there any chance of this being fixed? I tried to replace the libtorch in v8 with the one from v7. You probably know that didn’t work. It did produce a crash report.

Hi @ulesto probably, working on it for patch 2.

Great. Thanks much for letting me know. (Tried the SpectraLayers_8.0.10 update but didn’t work either).

Hi Robin. Is there any progress on a fix? How long until I can use my purchase?

Hi @ulesto , still on the roadmap but things are going slower during the summer… I guess there will be a new patch sometime in September.

Alright. Enthusiasm curbed. Hope my shopping bag will have something in it before too long.

@ulesto I just realized you’re using a Mac Pro 2008 - which is not officially supported by macOS Mojave ? It says “Mac Pro: Late 2013 or newer; Mid 2010 or Mid 2012 models require a Metal-capable GPU

Hi Robin,

That is why I asked you if it requires Metal before purchase, and if anything had changed, since I am running SpectraLayers Pro 7 without any problem.

So are you saying now, that there is no fix?

This is a long time to wait to find this out, and I am concerned that that will be a factor in requesting a refund.

Hi ulesto, SpectraLayers doesn’t require Metal, but it’s only officially supported on officially supported macOS Mojave configurations, which is not the case here, I guess you used a non-official tweak to force the install of Mojave on your computer. On top of lack of AVX instructions, the Mac Pro 2008 also lack support for the older SSE4.2 instructions, which might be the reason for the crashes.
I didn’t say there won’t ever be a fix - but it’s much trickier to make it work on non-officially supported configurations, specially moving forward efforts are now focused on newer configurations such as Apple Silicon computers.

Hi Robin,

Not saying there won’t ever not be a fix is not encouraging and very vague.

Maybe just let me know whether you think you can fix it or not, whether you even want to try and when, because I have been waiting patiently for a couple of months without being able to use it. Steinberg has had my investment in the meantime on good faith and a sincere attempt to avoid any incompatibility.

If you don’t think it’s worth the effort just let me know and I will request a refund. I will understand and hope Steinberg as well understands that a decades long customer has tried to continue investing in it’s products.

It’d probably be best to request a refund in your case yes.

I have the same problem with win 10 21h2. when I click on spectralayer (pro8 trial version) Nuendo freezes.
I also have melodyne. when I click on melodyne everything works. before installing spectralayer 8 pro the spectralayer one version was working. there is a bug in the program

Hi Eric,

What’s your computer configuration and graphic card ? Can you post some logs files (located in %appdata%\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 9.0\logs) ?

the problem came from Windows. fresh install got nuendo 12 spectelayer 9 running without crash