Spectralayers Pro 8 standalone crashes on startup but ARA plugin works fine. Any ideas?

Dear collected wisdom,
I couldn’t find an entry on this, so perhaps you may be able to brainstorm with me on my Win10 machine

All of a sudden, Spectralayers Pro 8.0.20 crashes on every startup. It opens, the logo appears and it browses through channels, etc., but when the programme should have appeared, there is only a block box on the screen and when I click it, it says that the software doesn’t respond and, hence, a crash that it reports to windows automatically.

Now, the ARA plugin works fine in Nuendo 11. I rebooted the system several times over two days and re-installed the SL Pro 8 software, but the trouble remains. Because I can’t get into the programme, I don’t know how to find the crash logs either. My Win 10 did update a few days ago, but I can’t say if it is directly related as I haven’t used the standalone version for a couple of weeks.

I would be very grateful, should anyone have any suggestions for me.
Yours sincerely,

Hi @Robin_Rolfhamre can you upload here the log files located in %appdata%\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 9.0\logs ?

SpectraLayers 2022.06.22- (37.9 KB)
SpectraLayers 2022.06.22- (37.9 KB)
SpectraLayers 2022.06.22- (37.9 KB)

Thank you for replying. Here are the last three. I use an RME 800 interface that works well with all other applications, including Nuendo 11.

Anyone? :slight_smile: Still crashing here and I can’t seem to figure out why. I have the 8.0.20 version and no other software running, so there shouldn’t be any conflict with the audio interface either…

According to the logs it’s crashing while scanning ASIO devices, likely due to an ASIO device you no longer have on your computer. I’d suggest removing all obsolete ASIO entries from your computer:

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Dear Robin,
thank you for responding. I tried it, following the instructions in the provided link, but, alas, it still acts the same. I deleted all drivers not in use and restarted the machine. The drivers that are left on the machine now are:

ASIO Avid driver (my protools)
ASIO Fireface (my RME FF800 interface)
Blackmagic ASIO Driver
Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver
Immerse Studio Alan Meyerson

Again thank you for helping me,

To me it looks like Immerse Studio Alan Meyerson might be the one making it crash, because it’s the only one that wasn’t scanned in the logs you sent.

Can you make a copy of that registry key (export it), and then delete it, and launch SpectraLayers again ? If it still crash after that, please upload the latest logs again.

Thank you, it did get me a bit further. Now the software opens, but when I load VST3s for processing it crashes again. See the attached logs. The stock plugins seem to work so far.

SpectraLayers 2022.08.02- (61.4 KB)
SpectraLayers 2022.08.02- (62.0 KB)

VST3 stability is better with SL 8.0.10. You can download it from here:

That being said, if VST3 processing is important for you I would also suggest upgrading to SL9, as VST3 stability is even better than 8.0.10, and it also brings realtime vst3 preview.

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Lovely, thank you so very much for the support, Robin. I really appreciate it!