Spectralayers Pro 9 and Cubase Pro 13

I have Spectralayers Pro 9 installed and activated on my machine. Do I need to uninstall Spectralayers One to get it to come up when I invoke Extensions? Spectralayers One 10 comes up instead.

The rule is, the latest installed SpectraLayers takes control of the ARA extension.
You can simply install SpectraLayers Pro 9 again to have it take control of the ARA extension.

This is not working for me.

I’ve got Cubase 13.0.20 running, and it will default to SL10 One, with the nag for upgrading.

However, I have a full SL9 licence. If I install SL9… Cubase then breaks - I can’t open any project that has SL set up as the ARA editor - Cubase crashes and vanishes when I try to load the project.

Same thing happens when I create a new project and try to select Spectralayers as the ARA editor for an audio event - Cubase crashes and vanishes.

If I re-install SL10.0.40 (One) then I can re-gain the basic functionality of SL 10 One (this nomenclature is not helpful, BTW), but not use SL9 in ARA mode.

SL9 works find in standalone all the while…

This is on macOS, BTW

Please fully remove the SpectraLayers VST3 file before reinstalling SL9, this should help. Sometime for some reason the SL10 VST3 remains even when SL9 is reinstalled.


Thanks Robin - That’s sorted it. :+1:

For anyone else seeing this, you have to remove the file from the Library\Audio\Plug-Ins\VST3 folder at the root of your drive, not the folder that’s in your own user Library folder (there wasn’t a Spectralayers VST3 file in there, just making people aware there are two VST3 folders).