SpectraLayers Pro 9 - EQ Match crashes system?

Is anyone else finding that EQ Match on SpectraLayers Pro 9 locks up/crashes the standalone app. I have also found EQ Match will crash Nuendo 12 when SpectraLayers is called up as an extension.

Everything worked OK with EQ Match in SpectraLayers Pro 8.

Any one else? or any ideas?

I think a dev said this would be addressed in the upcoming bug fix.

That is good to hear, I was worrying it was just me and that my system hardware was running out of headroom.

FYI a patch should be officially available in the next couple weeks.
Meanwhile you can test it early here:
mac: SpectraLayers_9.0.10.303_Installer_mac.pkg - Google Drive
windows: SpectraLayers_9.0.10.303_Installer_win.exe - Google Drive


Thank you Robin for the early build !! Eq match working now !!