Spectralayers Pro deactivates itself

Had this a few times. I definitely activated Pro 9 when I bought it, and have had to reactivate it 2 or 3 times since then, on the same PC with no hardware changes. Symptom: Open Spectralayers Pro 9, it opens as Spectralayers One. I then have to use Steinberg Activation manager to reactivate. Doesn’t happen often, but it shouldn’t happen at all! Ed


Are you running the latest version of the Steinberg Activation Manager (1.4.0)? It’s installed automatically if you run the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If you’re signing out from the Steinberg Activation Manager, you have to activate your SpectraLayers Elements/Pro license manually. Other Steinberg products automatically activate any available licenses when you attempt to run them. SpectraLayers is currently not doing that.

As @Romantique_Tp says, I would highly recommend upgrading to the latest Steinberg Activation Manager as it improves the stability of the calculation of the underlying hardware identifier used for the licensing. My guess is that’s what you’re seeing here, especially if you regularly use removable USB drives.

Thanks guys. I was on v1.3something. Have updated to and will see if that cures it. Eddie