spectralayers purchase

How to download trial, its not clear.
Also I tried buying through steinberg, but it cut out I guess cause CC was rejected.
Then I bought through sweetwater, but haven’t received electronic delivery.
They say it’s a problem with steinberg. What is the problem?

I ordered SL Elements through Sweetwater, too. They said there was some kind of hangup with the serial number, but that Sweetwater would take care of it. I told them I wasn’t surprised about the problem, because Steinberg were, judging by recent experience, a little inefficient.

Sweetwater have given me good service over the years, so I’m confident they’ll get the code issue straightened out.

I ordered SL Elements from Sweetwater yesterday, Saturday. So I figured no meaningful remedial action could be taken until tomorrow, Monday.

Addendum, directed primarily at Steinberg: I’ve ordered software from Sweetwater several times over the past few years and, until now, it’s taken, at most, a minute for Sweetwater to forward a serial number to me. So I suspect the current delay is the result of an IT problem on Steinberg’s end.

I really have the feeling that corporate brass have the mid- and low-level guys at Steinberg under a lot of pressure, because they’re committing fundamental errors. I had a problem similar to the above with Steinberg about a month ago, and that time Sweetwater wasn’t even involved. I dealt directly with Steinberg. I never received a verification code for a demo I’d downloaded, which was bad for Steinberg because my decision to buy the program hinged on how well the demo performed.

This issue with the serial numbers shouldn’t be happening.

Update: Well, an issue that was supposed to be resolved “quickly” by Sweetwater hasn’t been. I’ve waited for more than 6 hours today, Monday, for Sweetwater to e-mail me a serial number, a number I should have gotten on Saturday, when I purchased the software. This must be a real bear of a problem. I’ve given Sweetwater until the end of the day tomorrow, 18 Aug, to solve the problem, after which I’m going to demand a refund. As I stated above, I don’t think this is Sweetwater’s fault, but the result of Steinberg’s ineptitude.

:laughing: Sweetwater are no longer promising delivery of the serial numbers for SpectraLayers “within minutes”. Now they’re saying that “Steinberg usually delivers your license code within one business day.” I guess “usually” covers “never”, in the case of demos. That’s why companies have legal departments.

So now I have registered spectralayers elements. However when I ask the downloader to install elements, it only in stalls pro.
How can I get the right version installed?

Maybe try:

Never mind. Why am I trying to help?

just the same download file. I think they forgot to add elements to the installer.

Not sure if this helps, installing on d drive because my c is running low on space.

I have spent literally 3 hours today registering, calling sweetwater for the key, trying to get this installed, unable to get this installed.
I guess covid hit steinberg hard this year.

Foxjazz, it’s an unified installer. It installs SpectraLayers 7, and then switch to Pro or Elements when the software is launched depending on the license you have on your machine.
If you’re having issues installing, please download the latest installer from Steinberg’s website directly: https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_spectralayers_7&L=1

If you’re still having issues with this installer, please give a detailed description of the problem.

Sure, this is added to my e licenser. and I get this: https://imgur.com/a/DzrNCFw
This happens when I run spectralayers.
What do I do now?
Installed, reinstalled 3 times, no change.

It looks like it’s using the time limited “All Applications” license and running as Pro version.

Once this license runs out it should use your Elements license.

That’s my interpretation as well.

Thanks for the update. This is working like you said it would.

Hello! I want to do crossgrate with izotope rx 6 on spectralayers 7 pro.
What confirmation do I need to provide when I purchase?
Thanks for the answer in advance!

Hi egoar, any kind of proof of purchase or proof of ownership will do, such as screenshot of a license, an online invoice, or an order confirmation email.

Thank you very much for the quick response, Robin. I sent a screenshot letter. Waiting for purchase approval.