SpectraLayers & sound installers

Is the (optional) spectralayers installer a demo, or a some kind of a se edition?
Same goes for the (optional) sound files, are they to keep, or demo?

Thank you

Seems they listened to their users with less Internet bandwidth and now separated all sound content and optional VSTis from the core application, which is great also for installations on a second device such as a laptop.
Confusing though to understand what’s the inculded stuff of a purchased full license such as Cubase 11 Pro
I can only see from their website that Sectrals Layers and 6 new sound contents are part of the Pro version.

bit to early, :wink: found it, thanx

It’s like a lite a version I’m pretty sure, but not a ‘demo’. You can still do very handy and impressive things with it.