Spectralayers Test Version, nur Vocal Entmischen?

Moin moin,
currently testing SpectraLAyers in the trial version. There, however, only “unmix vocal” is suggested for unmixing. I can’t separate drums, bass, piano and / or vocal like everywhere else! Don’t I find that? It should be set by default. Or is that not in the trial version? But it should also contain all functions. Thank you in advance.

teste gerade SpectraLAyers in der Testversion. Dort wird jedoch beim Entmischen nur " Vocal entmischen" vorgeschlagen. Ich kann nicht wie überall steht nach Drums, Bass, Piano und oder Vocal entmischen! Finde ich das nicht? Es soll standartmäßig eingestellt sein. Oder ist das in der Testversion nicht? Die soll aber auch alle funktionionen enthalten.

Vielen Dank vorweg.


I seems like you only have access to the Spectralayer 7 ONE or ELEMENTS version. The PRO version (full or trial) have options to unmix vocal and piano/drum/bass stems.

If you haven´t already: check the e-licenser to see if you have activated the trial, and try to activate and download through Steinberg Download Assistant, with the trial activation code you (should have) received. After install, you should have access to the trial PRO version.

Best wishes :slight_smile: