SpectraLayers upgrade from 8 pro to 9 pro installs SpectraLayers One

I have just purchased the upgrade from SpectraLayers 8 Pro to SpectraLayers 9 Pro. I have Cubase 12 Pro but was trying to run this as standalone (not ARA mode).
Following activation of the new 9 pro license and installation of the software, upon launching the program it runs SpectraLayers One, which has very limited functionality. Could Steinberg please remedy this issue so I can use SpectraLayers 9 Pro.

This sounds as if the activation of SpectraLayers 9 Pro has not been done. When I click on the standalone App on my machine it launches the Pro version as well as in Cubase 12 integrated.

Is the Activation Manager showing SP Pro 9 as activated?

Hi Juergen,

I have tried entering the activation code into eLicenser Control (version but it will not accept the activation code (incorrect format). The Steinberg Activation Manager (version does not show SL 9 Pro within my product list. Is SL 9 Pro using the new soft licenser or the old eLicenser Control?

If it is using the new soft licenser, how do I get the Activation Manager to recognise my SL 9 Pro? When I click the link to sign in (within Activation Manager) it warns me that it will discard all offline licenses from my computer. I’m not sure that is a good thing to do.

Hi Juergen,

Update on my previous message, I took the plunge and discarded all my offline licences and Activation Manager will now recognise my SL 9 Pro license and I can open SL 9 pro (both Standalone and ARA mode). Thank you for your assistance in helping me through this matter.

I note that the transition from eLicenser to Activation Manager is a little confusing.

Perfect, it’s always good if things are that easy…

The transition is basically straight forward, whenever a new product is released Steinberg will switch it to the new licensing system. All existing products, licensed before the new system, will simply stay on the eLicenser.

You can regenerate the Offlicenses via the Activation Manager again and use it as before. The Online activation is needed once when you install the new product.