SpectraLayers vs RX - for solo piano

Hi guys

We are doing a lot of recording on-site (usually of solo piano, or piano with one other instrument) in locations where there are ambient noises. These noises can be anything from cars passing, or birds tweeting - through to (sometimes) aircraft overhead.

We used iZotope RX for a few months using a rental option, and the results were very good. We were able to us its spectral editing to pull out specific unwanted sounds, without and perceptible harm to the actual audio we wanted to keep. It even worked for exposed acoustic piano, which was very pleasing.

I’m now looking to but a spectral editing tool, and have seen that Steinberg offer SpectraLayers - which integrates with ARA within Cubase for seamless editing. It seems to feature the same spectral editing functionality as RX.

I’m keen to hear from anyone who might have used SpectraLayers. Is it effective? Have you compared it to RX, and is there any difference between the results you can get from the two tools?

Any first-hand experience and thoughts would be very much appreciated!


Noise reduction in spectrallayers is pretty limited compared to RX. Where it shines is selection tools.