SpectraLayersPro5 doesnt work after installing SpectaLayerspro6

I have SLpro5 that has been working fine on my computer. I installed SLPro6 without problem. I wanted to check settings/features from SLPro5 to 6, but SLPro5 won’t load now. The little splash screen comes up for 5, then vanished without a trace. This does not effect Win10 at all. 6 works fine.

Has anyone else noticed this? I guess I could reinstall 5 again, but thought I’d ask if anyone else saw this behavior and had any other ideas.


I have SL4 and SL6 both working on the same machine. Installing and activating SL6 did not interfere with SL4.

Strange, in theory all the app settings and activation systems are completely separated. Let me know if it persists after reinstalling SL5.

I reinstall SpectraLayers Pro5, and yes it does work. Just not side by side with v6 from which appears to be a conflict with the ASIO driver from my AI.

And I reinstall SpectraLayers Pro 4, and I will need to wait til this thunderstorm passes in a few years. Our satellite connection never likes heavy clouds weather there is rain or not!

Thanks for those checking!! :slight_smile:

I have to reactive v4 and thanks to the weather, it will have to wait. Since it is working for you, probably works without issue here.
Thanks. So I could have 3 versions working, but I really dont have a clue why I would need more than v5 and v6. Although sometimes I think I am running a ancient’s museum here. :laughing:

Is it possible that you updated Windows 10 recently? The big “feature updates” (“1803”, “1809” etc.) seem to break the software activation sometimes – it thinks it’s on a different computer and you must re-activate. This has happened to me with MAGIX and Celemony software. It also breaks the eLicenser (you must run it once “as Administrator”).

Win10 did update to 1903 maybe 3 weeks ago. I do know I haven’t used SpectraLayers pro v5 since then. So that might be it. I didn’t have that issue with Sound Forge v12. But now all is good. Man, I just love it that I can take out that half second squeak of a door opening with SLPro6 without effecting any other sound in the recording.