Spectralayrs 8 pro issues with cubase 12

hey guys
I updated to cubase 12, everything works smoothly except spectralrys 8 pro which crashes even on an empty cubase 12 project , (on cubase 11 spectralarys works great)
does anyone else has the same issues?

I will attach a dpm file with the hope that someone could tell me if i am missing something
thank you in advance for you help

Cubase 64bit 2022.3.9 (1.4 MB)

I can open SL8 Elements in Cubase 12, but as soon as I try to “unmix” vocals I get an error message and it can’t complete the task.

same here

You need to update SpectraLayers to 8.0.20, 8.0.10 has compatibility issues with Cubase 12.

I uninstalled and installed the latest update , still same problem

Can you send me all the log files located in %appdata%\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 8.0\logs to contact at divideframe dot com ?

log and json file

im not sure that what you meant

The SpectraLayers…txt file is what I meant, but you probably have more than one file like this in the folder ? The file you sent shows a stand-alone session that ended fine, not an ARA session that crashed. You can access all the log files by launching SpectraLayers stand-alone, then click Help > Support Info > Logs Folder.

log files
Thanks i hope i did it right this time

does anyone else has the same issue?

Not me. Works fine with C12.


after a dew of days with this issue I figured out that if I choose the layer I’m trying to decompose, Cubase wont crash and everything works normally .
but if I wont choose the layer I’m trying to decompose Cubase will crash.
just updating otherwise everything else works smoothly for me
hope it help someone with the same issue i have

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Thanks, that confirm what I saw in a crash dump. I’m not sure how you end up with no active layer in SpectraLayers though (I could not repro).

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when you add SL to a channel and enter the wave file, the layer is not selected automatically, at least on my system