SpectralLayers Crashing Cubase 12

I’m on Mac, OS 11.6.1, and use Spectral Layers all the time in Cubase 11 with no problems. In 12, as soon as I use the “Unmix Vocals” layer command, Cubase poofs. Just vanishes. It has worked maybe once this week, all other times, and there have been many, the result is a crash. I have not introduced any new plug ins from Cubase 11 to now Cubase 12, everything is the same.

Same here, but on the other hand standalone application is working. Maybe it is not a Cubase thing, but a CPU issue?

Yep, I’m on Big Sur and Cubase 12 crashes when I use the unmix stems on Version 8. Tried same plug-in In Reaper and no problems.

SL Pro 8 works fine when unmixing stems on CPro 12. I am on Win 10.



Mee too, It crashes! Osx Big Sur

Same here on Win 10. C12 crashes non stop on Sepctralayer. No problem with previous version on C11.