Spectralyers Pro 10 Experience

I just upgraded from version 9 to 10 of SpectraLyers Pro and I must say that I am very impressed. The quality and power of the new version was worth the upgrade. I did a unmixing test with the french song «Souvent, Longtemps, Énormément» by French-speaking singer Diane Tell. Regardless of the genre that we like or not, this song is for me a masterpiece of mixing. Recorded at Studio PSM in Quebec in 1981 (which no longer exists), I had the opportunity to listen to the final mix in the very control room of this studio. I unmixed (selecting Best) this song. The result is clearly convincing, except where the electric piano is concerned. SpectraLyers Pro10 seems to have a hard time determining if it’s an electric piano or a guitar with lots of effects. I have to say the task is substantial… The (magnificent) piano in this song is very evanescent and subtle. The song can easily be found on YouTube.

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Hey Joss,
I have the same experience as you with Piano and guitar stuff. Often I think that everything else than Vocal, bass and drums ends up on the “other” layer, all mixed together there, with a few bits and pieces on the piano, guitar. I guess its hard to separate piano and guitar sounds from each other. And even hard to find piano and guitar stuff on songs.

I few times I’ve had it working here with guitar and piano stuff, but it rarely works properly.

It’s the same with HitNMix, Ripx. So I guess both programs is equally good/bad here.

But yes, Spectralayers is about the best there is for these spectral AI extractions. I wich that the developers / algorithm guys works more on the piano, guitar and synth stuff layers. I think its very hard to separate these areas, and those instruments often have about the same spectral print, and consume the same frequencies. Plus a piano could almost be sounding the same as a synth. In this area is also strings, which mostly drowns on synth and other stuff on the “other” layer.

But it’s getting better and better by each release :slight_smile: So they’re moving in the right way.

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