Spectrasonics Trilian Missing When Loading Cubase 9

I just purchased and installed Cubase 9, really slick! However, when I load files it tells me the Trilian plugin is missing. Oddly enough Omnisphere loads fine. I can even open Omnisphere and choose Trilian sounds and they load. Has anyone else ran into this? I can reinstall Trilian but trying to avoid the LONG install. :slight_smile:


Trilian works like it did before here. Make sure the .dll is in the correct folder.

Search for Trilians .dll file, locate it. Go to Deivces/Plugin Manager then down to the bottom left corner, find the cog icon this will show you if it is in the paths that Cubase searches for


Resolved the problem. In my case even after reinstalling it still was not working or seen in the list of plugins. So i went to the plugin manager and clicked on the “Black list” tab and for some reason it was in there. I simply clicked on “reactivate” and boom, there it was. I saw several others which were 32 bit and to be expected but it showed Trilian as 64bit so I’m not sure why it was blacklisted.

There are some odd things happening withthe blacklist - Trilian worked here no blacklisting, but Play was blacklisted

The old Trilogy works on Cubase 10. Rough installation using jbridge. The Trilogy instrument panel opened really small with no instruments visible for selection. So I closed it and opened it and closed it and opened it 3 or 4 times and all of a sudden to my surprise Trilogy opened with an instrument panel and all. It works fine until you close Cubase. When you open Cubase again, Trilogy will open only after you close the instrument panel and open it and close it and open it several times. Then when it finally opens, you can use it like before. Don’t as why, just use it. There is no way to go back and use Trilogy as you did in the past. Just swallow the inconvenience and use Trilogy once it opens properly.