Spectrasonics...wherefore art thou ?

Has anybody out there every tried to get help on the Spectrasonics website ? it seems to be designed to keep people away and not bother them ! I’m trying to get Trilogy onto W7, ( so’s I can upgrade to Trilian ) it looks like it’s loading but when it’s finished there is not a Spectrasonics folder on “C” drive in the programme folder, unbelievably the support area of Specs site will not let me email them!!!..even when signed in…any help would be most welcome, while I’m here does anyone know of a good alternative to Trilian ? I don’t think Spectrasonics should have my money now…best to everyone, Kevin

there is not spectrasonic in “progam files” the stuff is located :
C:\ProgramData\Spectrasonics (plugins & shorcut to the steam libraries)

the libraries “STEAM” where you install it (you need 35go for trilian)
and by default the plugin installer try to install the vst plugin(x64) in cakewalk folder (C:\Program Files\Cakewalk) change the install to “Steinberg\VSTplugins” or you can move the “DLL” after the installation to your plugin folder.
& there is nothing better in bass than that !

Hi, Kevin,

You don’t need to install Trilogy to upgrade to Trilian. All you need is to be a registered customer (to qualify for the upgrade), purchase Trilian, install it, authorise it and you should be good to go. Also, Trilogy sample library is included in Trilian.

I agree with Home Studio 87 too, Trilian is the best, IMHO, and their support has been very good the couple of times I’ve needed help.

This might help:

888-870-4223 toll free (North America)

Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

Good luck mate,


Thanks for your replies…so I can by trilian in a shop and as long as i have my trilogy registered I’m good to go ?..does this apply with a download ( if it’s possible ) on the Spectrasonics website I can not figure out if it’s a download or they will ship it to my address…can’t see “download” anywhere during the buying process…also does it matter if I have not authorised my trilogy…cause I can’t get the damn thing onto my puter…thanks again for your help, Kevin

by the way…called the number…got an answer machine and any email i send to that address just bounces back at me…

yes you don’t need to have trilogy installed but I think the upgrade from trilogy to trilian is only avaible on spectrasonic site :
look here : http://www.spectrasonics.net/sales/techshop/tshop-trilian.php

Hi, thanks for the info, went to the site and it’s there ok but nothing to tell me if it’s a download or not, I specifically want a download cause the address for my card and stuff is in the uk where my pad is but I’m currently living and working in Europe so don’t want it sent to UK…I suppose when you consider the size of it then it probably isn’t a download is it ? cheers, Kevin

So Spectrasonics have just called me and confirmed what you said about not needing Trilogy onboard…and of course it’s not a download it’s to big innit !! silly me…looking forward to getting it on with Trilian, best to everybody, Kevin

I’m glad you got it sorted, have fun!