Spectrogram instead or in parallel with wave form in audio track?

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Is there any way to directly see spectrogram in audio tracks like Audacity and Reaper?

Audacity: Spectrogram View - Audacity Manual

You can use Spectral Layers in ARA mode as some kind of visual expansion to Nuendo’s waveforms, but that’s just workaround.

… the fact that I have repeatedly asked for a spectrogram view directly in Nuendo’s tracks since 2002 or 2003 (can’t remember exactly) leads me to believe that this feature is not high on Steinberg’s list. 8-/


As far as I know this was patent protected. I’m not sure if the relevant patent(s) is still active.

The SuperVision plugin is another option, but its display is real-time.


Do you mean the method mentioned in the following video?

You can use the method shown in the video, and in Nuendo 12 you can also add/remove the extension from the whole track by using the Inspector:


Here’s the relevant section of the manual:

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It is pretty good, thanks!