Spectrogram (like rx display) with EQ?

Could we have a spectrogram (like rx display) with EQ?

Yeah, why not. Just from being curious: what kind of useful information do you and others take from spectrograms?

It makes sense for me in i.e. Wavelabs spectrum editor to spot troublesome moments. It really looks nice and spaceshiplike in an EQ but never triggered a single EQ- or mixdecission for me (too much info too fast for me maybe…).


What is needed is for WL’s features to be integrated into Cubase. I begged for this for years.

One should be able to click on a clip and (if you own WL) do any WL processing on the clip… including Spectrum Editor.

That said, the WL Spectrum Editor is a toy compared with RX Izotope. (Hate to say it because I respect WL so much.)

RX makes it a doddle to do things that like… removing amp noise from a clip or little transients. You can see them all and select them all in one go. Great stuff.