spectrographic tools

Just wondering if the analysis tool-set has been overhauled in this version? it’s been a legacy plug-in for some time now.

I see that spectral information is at last available in the EQ display, which is great, but a fully fledged analysis tool with a colour spectrographic display should surely be a standard plug-in at this point?

Also, what about the option to view audio parts based on spectral content rather than amplitude? Has this been considered? It has been implemented in a number of other products, so is it likely we will see it here at any point?

Yes, please!

I’ve been suggesting an optional spectrogram-view (ideally directly on the track-lanes in the multitrack window!) since NU3, I think. :ugeek:

This would be extremely helpful on many occasions.


For what it’s worth… spectrogram tracks have been available in the free / open-source Audacity for years, selectable on a track-by-track basis. Also choice of linear or log (dB) for displaying envelopes and waveforms.

Not that Audacity comes anywhere near Nuendo as a production platform. But it has some great functions for teaching about sound.