Spectrometer bug?

Hi folks,

I’m currently using the 4k block size on the spectrometer, and I’m finding that 9 times out of 10, it opens with an odd scale (see attachment), requiring me to hit the reset button (or close and open again a few times) before it scales correctly. I can’t be certain, but I recall this only starting to happen once I switched from the default block size (2k, is it?).

Has anyone else experienced this?

I need to look more closely, but this seems ok. This is a logarythmn scale, hence the top frequency region is very small, and there is no space to display Hz values.

PG – please have a look at the pictures again. The first pic (‘normal’) is indeed a logarithmic display, and works as expected. The second (‘odd scale’) is almost an inverse log (or something!) display; it devotes almost have of the freq scale to values between 0 and 43Hz!

Clearly something’s amiss, and the fact that it shows this scale arbitrarily when I turn on the spectro should alone be worth a look. Thanks!

I confirm it is logarythmic, but apparently it starts very early on the Hz scale.
A log scale means each octave uses the same space. If you start at 1 Hz, you already have 3 octaves more than if you start at 8 Hz.
The question is: do both image are meant to start from the same Hz point?

Yep – both are supposed to start at the same frequency.

Just noticed something else: If I open the spectro when nothing is playing, most of the time it opens with the strange scale. But as soon as I start playing, it reverts to the correct scale. If I open it while a track is playing, then it will simply open at the incorrect scale most of the time. Stopping and starting audio again will then reset it.

On an unrelated note, in W7 the spectro window always seems to be on top. In W6 you could place plugins over the spectro while it was open, which was handy. Can’t seem to do that now. Wonder if an ‘always on top’ option for the spectro could be added?

If the plugin is open from a floating Master Section, then it can be on top of the floating meter, else not, unless you dock the meter.
Difficult to explain the reasons behind this. Mac is better here.

Ah, I see – thanks for the explanation, Philippe.

Is this a recognised issue? In 7.1 the spectro still opens most of the time with this messed-up scale – I have to hit reset on the toolbar for it to display properly.

No issue, my explanation still stand, unless you have other pictures that show something different.

If it were intentional, then why would it revert to a different scale when you hit reset? Moreover, why is it not consistent – 80% of the time here it opens with the messed-up scale, 20% of the time it opens normally. How can this not be an issue?

PS. – Flac support is brilliant! Thank you. :smiley:

The scale depends on the window size. One pixel difference could trigger a different labelling by the end of the display. But as far as the size is strictly the same, the scale should be strictly the same. Your “Reset” remark seems to tell there is a bug, that is, WaveLab does not take into account the size of the window at the right time (ie. not the final size). But here I can’t reproduce the problem at all… If you have a stituation where this happens “more often”, please tell me (telling also, what workspaces are open at that time, and where is located the Spectrometer).