Spectrometer sometimes not working

the spectrometer does not work sometimes.
Other meters like Loudness or Level do work, but spectrometer does not.
Very strange.

macOS 10.12.6
WL Pro 9.5.2

others ever experienced the same?


What do you exactly mean?

It just doesn’t show anything.
Does not react to audio. When i switch to level meter that works.
Maybe i should just trash prefs?

What size do you use for the FFT? In WaveLab <= 9.5.15 there was a problem with big sizes. This was solved in 9.5.20. Please verify in the About fox that you really run >= 9.5.20

FFT size is 32,768 samples.
I’m using WL 9.5.20


Does this happen with certain files only? With certain specs?

atm i can not really trace it.
seems to work.
i will consider this the next time it happens and keep you posted!

thank you!!