spectroscope request

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a mouseover frequency text in the spectroscope. So what i mean is that if you move your mouse over the spectroscope you will see the exact frequency. Could come in handy when you have some peaks going on that are visible in the scope and that when you move your mouse over to that point you will see the frequency in numbers. Will save some time when EQíng out things.

Why not using the Spectrometer instead? By design, it is more accurate, also.

Sorry… mixed up the meter and scope… I do use the meter and so i mean that it would be nice to have that functionality in the spectrometer if possible :sunglasses:

Then you’re already got it…
28-03-2011 15-10-09.jpg

Nice! How do i do that? Can’t seem to find it… got the window floating btw.

You have to display the frame (right click into the spectrometer gives you the option to show or hide the frame).

I know about the frame but i want it to be hidden.
But how do i get the frequency to display as in PG’s screenshot?

The frequency is only displayed if the frame is shown. It is shown in the frame. So, if you want to see the frequency you have to display the frame.

hmm… i don’t want the frame :frowning: