Spectrum Analyser Plugin? Sound wave plugin?


I’m looking for a plugin which will do some very specific stuff for me. I have been thinking about this plugin for a long time and I have clear in my head what I want it to do. And im wondering if there is any VST out there that does it.

There are loads of spectrum Analysers out there and i have tried a few… Nugen Visualizer I use a lot and have tried Blue Cat Audio’s analysis tool but neither of them do what I would like.

I tend to learn very well through visual confirmation, I realise that being in music requires my ears to learn! But it would help me to see and hear the effects that processing has on a waveform.

I want a VST plugin I can place at the start of an effects chain and at the end of an effects chain. I want the plugin to give me the ability to see the sound wave with time across the horizontal axis and amplitude on the vertical axis (default view in sound forge or wavelab). Obviously I would want to be able to zoom in on the X Axis and Y Axis depending on the sound content (short drums or long evolving synths) with a clear scale on x axis of time or quantise. AND I also want the ability to be able to pause the view of the waveform.

The reason you ask… Well if i can pause and zoom in on a wave form i can very easily see the effects of my processing by comparing the before plugin view and after plugin view. for example… I could have a kick drum loop and see the exact propertiers of the kick drum, pause the drum, see the attack , sustain, decay and if necessary use the horizontal ruler to measure these. I can then apply compressors with different settings, or transient designers, maximisers, or saturaters and clearly see the different effects they are having on the wave, how much of the wave form is clipped, sustain levels etc etc. From a learning point of view this would really help me and assist when mixing as well as many other uses I have thought of.

Is there a plugin on the market that can do this? I have come across image-line Edison which looks like it might be able to do this for me even though it is not designed for that purpose. Has anyone used it, can i get a very clear waveform image so i can clearly see the effects of processing on the waveform. I’m not sure if anyone has ever asked for something like this before or perhaps there is something on the market for this very purpose? :slight_smile: