spectrum editor removing window noise


I usually only use the spectrum editor to remove isolated ‘blips’… or occasionally to scrub an entire frequency from a long stretch of audio.

But I’ve recently started doing ‘nature’ recordings and I have some that sound great except for occasional -blasts- of wind noise. Obviously just chopping out big ‘rectangles’ sounds awful. So by zooming in and carving out -tiny- rectangles in various freqs it actually works GREAT because the noise is completely not in the same freqs as the good sounds (frogs, birds, etc.) BUT it takes forever.

So: any tips for editing lots of transients (these wind blasts) more efficiently?

QUESTION: SUGGESTION? It would be -fantastic- if WL had something like a ‘freehand pencil’ tool for the spectrum editor like Photoshop. ie. a way to select non-rectangular regions. What I’m doing now is kind of like a ‘fractal’… editing small rectangles which add up to what I’d -like- to be able to do if I could ‘lasso’ the entire transient and applying processing in one go.




I know exactly what you mean, and quite some time ago I asked if the WL spectrum editor was ever going to get anything like the selection tools in RX2 or SpectraLayers. In short, while the “surgical” edit is fine for say, getting rid of the occasional audience cough or a nasty vinyl scratch, it’s way too inefficient in terms of workflow to go through long recordings that way – your random wind noises are a good example.

I seem to remember PG indicating that WL8 would have some changes to the spectrum editor but not in the manner of SpectraLayers. I decided against that product in the end because of the abysmal response (or lack of response) to my pre-sales questions, so I’m waiting on WL8 before I decide on RX2 or not.

Well… that’s bad news. :smiley:

Frankly, I’m a bit surprised. Usually, my issue with WL is that it has too -many- features.

OK, waiting for WL8. Just seems like Spectrum Editor is half-done if you can’t ‘lasso’ the various blobs you want to tame.



It would be better for the wind not to be “recorded”. Do you use a proper wind jammer?