Spectrum processing bug ??


On page 449 of the manual one can read: “to apply spectrum processing over 60 seconds, Use rectangle Selection tool and activate master Section.”

When i make a selection over 60 seconds there is simply no audio, i can not render anything… is this a bug or a setting? When i adjust the selection under 60 it all works…
What can i do.

i use the latest version of wavelab 9.5.50

It’s a mistake indeed. Master Section processing only works till 60 sec, while it should be able to do more.

is there a workaround?? editing small parts leaves artefacts at the beginning and end of selection. Or is there a way to get rid of the artefacts?

The only solution i see is splitting it up in parts of less than 60 sec, losing a part at the beginning and end for the artefacts and at the end gluing it all together. Is this the way to go or is there an easier solution?

What kind of spectral editing do you need for such long sections of audio?

For example to use an external single band compressor on a verry narrow band. Say for instance waves C1 because it has negative compression.