Spectrum tab issue

In the playback section you can pick regular mode or to solo or mute your selection. When I select any of the three, I just here standard playback. I want to be able to hear just what I selected.


Sorry I didn’t watch your video, but is the red star flashing in the bottom right, and/or, is the Master Section bypassed (red)? Either of those will cause the playback mode controls to have no effect.

tried with master section on and bypassed. Made no difference. The manual doesn’t even mention the Master section dependency. Nonetheless, it still doesn’t work as it should.

No problem here. eg. I make a square selection, click on Solo button, then press the Space Bar to start playback. I only hear the selection. Then I can toggle between the 3 modes, also.
Using WaveLab 9.5.35

awww. I use the alt + mouse click and I guess you hear everything on channel. Guess thats different than space bar playing. thanks

Interesting. I didn’t even know you could start playback this way. It’s always interesting to see the different ways people use WaveLab to work.