Speculation: Cubase 7.5 OR 8.0 @ mps?

Whatever it is, this sounds really exciting:


But this here:

“Major product update at Music Production Show”

sounds like 8.0 to me, because “7” is the major version at the moment.

Oh, exciting times we live in! :smiley:

No 7.1 or 7.5 before?

I do not hope so!

But “Major update” really sounds to be “expensive”. :frowning:

If I’m not mistaken, Nuendo is still at v6.x, so I guess Nuendo 7 would be more likely…


Nuendo 6 = Cubase 7. There is no lag, just different numbering.

So, no. It is NOT Nuendo 7, at least not exclusively.

“Update” is not the same as “upgrade”. I would bet for a 7.5, but then it could be any other thing, like this one:


Cubase 7.5


Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 3

My bet is 7.5 or just something totally out there.

Both I hope! :smiley:

Cubase 7 doesn’t even support Windows 8.1 officially so…

Ok, lets use pure logic and leave wishful thinking aside.

  1. “Major update”
  2. Big announcement to be fulfilled at a major trade show
  3. Big box with “super star” like appearance

Leads to one conclusion: it’s about Cubase, for it being the most important product of Steinberg.

Possibly 8.0, but more probably 7.5. I’d say:

60% probability it’s Cubase 7.5 (because of the “update” wording)
25% probability it’s Cubase 8.0 (because of the “major” wording)
10% it’s one of the minor products which no one really cares about (because of the, compared to a new Cubase version, rather disappointing “this changes everything”)
5% it’s Cubase 7.1 (because it would be a possibility as well)

My opinion:

If it is Cubase 7.5 or 8.0 I will dance on the table. :slight_smile:

Groove Agent 4

Firm candidate as well!

Starcraft III

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m with TheNavigator on C7.5/8.0, was my immediate reaction
black box, pattern is a portion of the existing pattern on C7 box

Nah…Starcraft III.5 :mrgreen:

I’m guessing the new score app they’ve been working on.

As steinberg have been quite for a while over cubase you may find its cubase 8 , with poly variaudio and a sampler. :unamused:

or Groove Agent 4!

take a look at the picture of the blank box and you will see its has a circle with a line through it . this is the cubase box design .

Yea your right and if it’s true I didn’t see that one coming