Speculation: Cubase 7.5 OR 8.0 @ mps?

Regarding Cubase 8, this is what Carlos Mendoza Rohde (Product Marketing Manager Cubase & Apps) said six weeks ago (04 Sep 2013):


I can safely say that Cubase 8 is not coming anytime soon. :slight_smile:
Also, we offer usually 4 weeks of grace period, i.e. if you buy the “old” version 4 weeks before the launch of the “new” generation you get the upgrade for free.

Link: Steinberg Forums

An integrated little sampler in Cubase? That sounds as unlikely, as if Monty Python are going to reunite…

“Update”. Not “new product”. UPDATE. :unamused:

Thank you. This makes Cubase 7.5 the most likely news on November, 29th.

Very good. I hope it’s mostly a workflow update. :slight_smile:

so looks like we’re getting that sampler after all

Assuming it´s cubase 7.5-8 I have a question

I haven´t activated mi Cubase 7 purchase so far, should I wait till november 29 to see if I can get in the grace period of the upgrade, or if I activate it after the announcement I loose the posibility of the free upgrade?

Should I activate now (before the release)?
Or after the release?

Always assuming that it´s a paid cubase upgrade

i dont think its likely to be cubase 8… its too early !! 7 is not 1 year old yet…
maybe its cubase 7.5 and cubase ic pro for android(finally) , what else !!? GA4,HSO2 :exclamation:
the notation software i think its not there yet according to their blog

steiny is making many quizzes and dramatic trailers on us lately :sunglasses:

I would say it’s quite clear that it’s Cubase 7.5.

And regarding iC Pro for the Android platform: crohde wrote that they are working towards or preparing a release candidate already, but this will not happen in a week I think.

my english is not the best but is this declaration “Steinberg is kicking off the Music Production Show in London, UK, with an exciting new product update announcement” means its a completely new product ?

and this a major existing(cubase 7 maybe) update ! “celebrate the launch of our next big software update”

An update is an update. So an existing product gets a new version, which goes beyond bugfix releases.

For Cubase, this would be 7.5, in accordance with what Steinberg did in the past.

And there are quite a few hints (read this thread carefully) which indicate that it IS Cubase which is updated.

It will NOT be a new software. A new software product is not an update, but a new software product.

well… we have to wait and see i guess :slight_smile:)

My understanding is that activating your licence after new version is announced or releases, should not affect your eligibility to upgrade under the grace period, so you will definitely not loose out if you wait (that’s if your patient enough :wink: )…at least that’s how it was with grace period upgrade for Cubase 7

The one picture:

is labeled http://www.steinberg.net/uploads/RTEmagicC_MPS_Event_page_visual_2.jpg.jpg



C may be for Cubase.
RTE… hm… “Real Time Event”?
magic… hahaha :wink:

It’s certainly not RT - Emagic - C, because Emagic doesn’t even exist anymore. :sunglasses:

Tried “1” and “3” as well, but to no avail.

It is Cubase 7

See the similarities?

the packing box is not necessarily indicating cubase.
most latest products Packing from steinberg looks similar…Dark gray with stripes and oval shapes,!! :exclamation:
Edit: well not all dark gray but all dark !!

Yes but thats far fetched. It is logical that it is Cubase 7.5.

i also think its gonna be cubendo X.5 update.
i remember Helge from steinberg when C7 released talking about planning more major cubase update in future in project area as well(the big major thing regarding GUI was the MC in C7). but im not sure they gonna do it for 7.5 , maybe in C8

but more workflow enhancements and some new “gadgets” to improve and enhance cubase experience would be nice.

Well, I did forensic image analysis of the “Black Box” and with enhancements found this:

I have no idea what to make of it. :neutral_face:

Elevating to a higher level…