Speculation: Cubase 7.5 OR 8.0 @ mps?

I can help.

It contains a plugin which turns all women who hear the music you created with it into Playboy bunnies who only want you totally for the rest of their lives.

the question is, are we raising by a half step or whole step.

I think that it was indicated by a Steinberg representative on this forum that Cubase 8 is not to be expected for a long time.

Ahhh… in the midst of my humor, I didn’t even think of it that way.

I would have to agree that it will be a 1/2 step. Cubase 7.5. In any case, I am looking forward to it.

I don’t use enough smilies … It was a mucisally based double entendre … a bad one at that … But Mr. Navigator you seem awful serious about this? It’s just a product launch … as the Joker said so eloquently “Why so serious?” Of course I could just be reading frowny forehead and steely brow into your posts.

Yes and I wonder why I reacted analytically to you actually really funny bonmot.

Hm. Maybe I’m too tired already. Had a glass of milk with honey.

Well, I first thought it was about notes, but you threw me down a different wabbit hole. :laughing:


How about Cubase 7.5 with Groove Agent 4 integrated in, that would work.

Why not? They added Retrologue and Padshop with 6.5.

Aloha guys. Just to chime in on this thread.

Recently there have been several announcements about new stuff
from Steiny.

Three that come to mind are:
I/O devices, communications software, controllers alternatives.

And thru it all none of us (posters) have guessed correctly.

So as mozizo posted:

we have to wait and see i guess > :slight_smile:> )


maybe its gonna be Cubase_69 by steinsex :mrgreen:

MPS ? “my porn show” ??
(too much information ? :mrgreen: )

Elevating to a higher level… Image


So new cubase version…

And I still didn’t recover the money that I spend on C7 :frowning:

hope major(7.5) update won’t cost major $$$ . free its even better :slight_smile:

It looks like Cubase 7.5 is the most likely logical update.

I would be very happy if it is :slight_smile:

Would also love to see Halion Symphonic Orch. 2, GA 4, Padshop Pro 2, new Halion 5 libraries, or anything else that is cool, and exciting.


Cubase 7.5?
erm…that makes me afraid…
Because with update Cubase No. 6.5 we get only a few “affordable” nice synths and effects…

It’s time for Neon mkII! Long overdue! :imp:

I’m all for Neon VST3, but I’m not paying for it if it’s more than $50.00 :wink: .


I want it now! Best ever!

Ahh, another buildup from Steinberg. I hope this time the drop is good. I hate buildups going off forever, and then some weak drop. Long buildup must be followed by massive drop. Lets see how Steinberg drops it in this time.

Going on comments made by Helge in an early interview on Musotalk, basically stating that an updated Project window as well as improved window handling were slated to be addressed within the C7 cycle, it has been my assumption the 7.5 would incorporate said redesign of the project/arranger window, including improved integration with the MC, and improved overall windows handling. Here’s hoping. :wink: