Speech synthesys... your advice

Hello everybody

can anyone tell me if there is a speech synthesis plugin to create “one two three four” precount for my live shows?

Depends on what you want.
For emulation of vintage text to speech chips, there is ChipSpeech from bidule, but maybe a bit expensive just to let it say “one two three four”. But maybe the demo will suffice for that.
Else, you can search for “text to speech” on your favorite search engine for more modern, perfect results.
Or you could just record yourself and mangle the audio with extreme pitch correction, distortion, bit depth and sample rate reduction and so on. Soundtoys’ LittleAlterBoy can help you get some nice “robotic” sounds, if you are after that.
Other products are probably available… :wink:

Vital synth can do that.

in fact until now I have recorded my voice! thanks for the advice … I’ll try!