Speed it up, baby (or slow it down)

I’ve got a midi file from sowhere, some of which I want to integrate into a project I am working on.

The trouble is that the midi file is played at twice the speed (140 instead of 70) and, as a consequence, very note that should be a crotchet (quarter note) is a minim (half note), and every note that should be a minim (half note) is a semibreve (whole note).

Without doing too much work, Iwould like to wave a magic wand at the file and correct the note lengths to what I want them to be. Is this possible?


Did you try timestretching the midi file double it’s size using the pointer/time tool? If there’s more parts then one, just make sure the parts start/end lengths are the same before proceeding it. I use it all the time and the length of the notes stay exactly same as they were originally. or you can you half time in the logical presets/standard 1 presets/half tempo.