Speed Of the Program

I recently upgraded to an SSD hoping it might speed up aspects of the program. The speed was minimally affected, if at all. I have found switching into the “Play” and “Print” tabs to be particularly slow, in addition to file load time. Currently I am running Windows 10, i7 2.2Ghz processor, 8 GB RAM, with SSD.

I am wondering what computer resources are used, particularly in the Play and Print tabs, so that I might be able to properly upgrade to speed them up.

An SSD should have a positive effect on the time taken to start Dorico and the speed of loading or switching scores (which will load the patches from disk). Once the application is running it won’t make much of a difference because that is ‘CPU bound’. When switching to Print Mode, Dorico has to calculate fresh views of the full score and the layouts, which is computationally expensive, and won’t be made any faster with an SSD. In Play Mode, Dorico has to calculate all the playback events for the whole score, which again is computationally expensive, but doesn’t touch the disk. In the case of Play Mode we know that there are a few optimisations that can we can make which will greatly reduce the amount of recalculation, however we haven’t had the time to do this yet.

If you have one score that seems particularly slow then please attach here, or send it to us (you can send a Private Message on here) as quite often individual scores show specific combinations of things that we haven’t come across before.