Speed p VEP

I have had a template with several instances of VEP that connect to other pcs that are hosting VEP servers for orchestral samples and a lot of other stuff.

After starting to use Cubase 7.5 I have experience very slow load times and sluggish behaviors in general especially when removing instrument tracks. This can take 15 seconds to happen after entering the command to do so.

Does anyone out there know how to make these instances not slow down Cubase so much?

Is there a way to speed up the relationship with VEP? I have moved all my samplers to hardware audio inputs now which is sort of old school but my templates load in 30 seconds like they should. There are so many great things about VEP I would like to have it back at some point.


VEP Loading time rely on how many midi ports (midi input in VEP preferences) you have setup. how many midi inputs (Ports) are set in your template?

And using lots of audio outputs could slow down loading time too.

Yeah that’s the problem. I have had 81 ports and this number is growing.

Do you really need that much ports? Each port have 16 midi channels. 81 ports makes 1296 midi channels !
I personally run a full orchestral setup with 12 ports.

And you could use multiple VEP instances

when I was on a mac this template took 1:30 to open in Cubase 7 and when I went to 7.5 it took 3 minutes to open. I switched to PC and it took 1 minute to open, I am doing everything midi over lan and rtp midi with hardware audio connections and it takes 30 seconds to open.

I can’t tell if there is a new specific problem with 7.5, nothing as changed regarding VEP loading time for me.

But you should check this thread, a bit old but…

Great info Fred. Many thanks