Speed up Cubase opening

Hi everyone, I deal with composition involving both electronic music and soundtracks, I use many plugins and many virtual instruments. Since Cubase takes some time to load both the plugins and all the virtual instruments at startup, I wanted to suggest inserting a command to be able to choose to load the plugins after creating the project, so that the user can load only the plugins necessary for the project. Thank you and good evening.

You can save your template with most or all plugins and instruments disabled. This way the project will load very quickly and you can then enable only what you need.

I have a video on how to do this. Let me know if you need a link.

Ok send me link video

Pm sent with link.

This is for when loading projects but before that Cubase scans plugins folders. It would be great to have a Preference to avoid scanning plugins at startup as VST Live has.

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Dear god, I wish so badly I could control when it scans for plugins.

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