Speed up mediabay loading

Hi everyone. When starting cubase, mediabay takes 10-15 minutes to be functional. In the meantime all I can see is this :

Is there any way to speed this process up?


Please, do an inventory of folders, MediaBay scans on your system. Is it really necessary to scan all folders, it scans.

But actually, it should be scanned only once. Then the database should be stored, and the scan while the next start should be much faster. Unfortunately, there are some users, whose have an issue, the whole content is always scanned again and again.

I had this issue, the number of samples on my sample drive exceeded the maximum allowed in the mediabay preferences, go into Cubase preferences, click mediabay and increase the figure to a much larger number. Also ensure mediabay is only scanning the drives and directories you’re interested in.

I’ll do that, thanks.
So media bay scans the whole database again everytime I start cubase?

I found Media Bay became much more usable once i selected “Use current selection as base location” in the Media Bay settings (button located in the bottom left of the Media Bay window).