Speed up samples like Records

I have these samples that I chopped up from a song and have laid out across the keyboard.

Can I speed them up so that the pitch changes aswell? Much like if you sped up a record player?

If I can’t do it because I laid them out across the keyboard already, that fine I just need to know how to do it in general.

p.s. I cant find it anywhere online or the manual, I always find, “speed up workflow of working with samples”

I am not sure what do you mean “speed up”, but seems to be very easy: just move the pitch bend on the MIDI keyboard (or the pitch bend wheel on the HALion MIDI keyboard) or apply a pitch envelope to the program containing these samples.

The default behaviour of HALion changes the tempo with the pitch together. If you want to set the two things separately, use the AudioWarp modul.

Hope this helps.


If you use Cubase 6, you should check out the new time-stretching function.
You got a tape-option there that causes this effect.
You could also use the pitch in Cubase and define a pitch-curve that’s not fixed in its tempo.
This should bring you the best results.

You could also try to drop the samples into LoopMash 2 that also offers that function.

In H4 you could use the pitch-envelope for that reason. You find it in the ADSR.
Then you have to go to the modulation matrix and take the pitch envelope as
source and the pitch as aim. Works fine.
Maybe you can combine that with an audio-warp-parameter on the mod wheel.

But the results should not be as good as the editing functions in Cubase.

Best regards.